April 14, 2022

CLLCTVE x Holberton Invite Local Freelancers to the 2022 Tulsa Creator Hackathon

CLLCTVE x Holberton Invite Local Freelancers to the 2022 Tulsa Creator Hackathon

Tulsa, OK—March 24, 2022 – CLLCTVE and Holberton Tulsa are co-hosting the first annual Tulsa Creator Hackathon, April 15-16 at The Holberton School at 15 N. Cheyenne Ave.  in Tulsa. CLLCTVE, the portfolio platform connecting creators to their next opportunity, partnered with The Holberton School Tulsa, a software development school, to provide an opportunity for local freelancers to create and add to their portfolios, collaborate with like-minded individuals and connect with local brands and community partners for future job opportunities.

The Tulsa Creator Hackathon will enable teams to rapidly prototype ideas that solve for problems within the local Creator Economy. Participants will be challenged to build apps and engineer solutions alongside a cohort of collaborators, taking an idea, making a plan, and then turning it into a reality. CLLCTVE and Holberton invite hackers, creators, makers, and coders to converge to solve problems, create new tools, and push the boundaries of existing tech across the autonomous work industry.

“Holberton is committed to supporting Tulsa’s emerging technology sector through dedicated programming,” said Libby Ediger, Executive Director at Holberton Tulsa. “The Hackathon provides a hands-on experience for participants to meet the constantly evolving technology environment for the creator economy. Teams will have the opportunity to build solutions to solve interesting business problems and showcase their work to potential clients and employers.”

Participating teams of three to four members can include web developers, front end, back end, data scientists, product designers, ui/ux, full stack, graphic designers, content creators, visual artists and more. Participants  can register with a team, or be tactically partnered with team members through the Act House model, which groups professionals together based on personality type, skills and work styles for optimal success. Winning teams will be provided portfolio reviews, free headshots and career counseling services.

“In addition to providing networking opportunities for local freelancers and brands in-person, we’re offering participants the opportunity to build free portfolios on our app. These feature their skills, interests, experience and work in one environment, and enable them to continuing connecting with brands for paid opportunities following the hackathon,” said Kelsey Davis, Founder and CEO at CLLCTVE.

Challenge prompts for the hackathon include the following:

  • On-Demand Talent Matching
  • Contractor Management
  • Inclusive Hiring & Recruitment

The event will also include a panel with guest speakers including Dominick Ard’Is, CEO of ACT House, Tyrance Billingsley II, Founder and Executive Director of Black Tech Street, and Natalie Sims, Singer and Songwriter. Free food will be provided along with access to Tulsa merchandise, discounts and deals. It will be followed by an after-party with attending brands and community partners, including ACT House and Tulsa Creative Engine.

Those interested can find more information and register for the Tulsa 2022 Creator Hackathon here by April 12.


CLLCTVE (Techstars ‘20) is the portfolio platform connecting creators to their next opportunity. Our community-driven technology enables freelancers to build their own world online without creating any code, any website, or any resume – showcasing their creative capabilities and engaging with brands all in one place. With a community of thousands of creators, we have the ability to match brands and creators for opportunities based on brands’ needs and creators’ interests and experience.

About Holberton Tulsa

Holberton Tulsa is an innovative software engineering school located in the heart of downtown Tulsa with a commitment to removing barriers to entry in the technology field. Our full-time, intensive program will first introduce you to the foundations of computer science, then specialize in what drives you through our programs of study. Holberton Tulsa provides coding school courses dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the city’s rapidly expanding technological community. We are committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements needed to be successful in a career in software development and engineering. Learn more and apply today at holbertontulsa.com!

The 24-hour free event will prompt participants to create tech solutions for problems within the creator economy.

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