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Atlas School was formed to train software engineers in Tulsa. Through hands-on learning models, Atlas School students learn by doing and gain the skills to pursue in-demand, entry-level technology careers. By using innovative approaches and methodologies in a non-traditional educational environment, we emphasize the value of diverse skills.

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Our Mission

Atlas School is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of a developing and expanding society in a highly advanced technological community. Our mission is to provide learners with the skills and technical knowledge needed for initial employment in entry-level positions.

The institution is committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements needed to be successful in a career in software engineering.

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Our Campus

Atlas School is a standalone building located in the Arts District of Tulsa, OK. The building was designed with exposed brick, representing the historical architecture of Tulsa.

The school is approximately 9,000 square feet and boasts six peer learning rooms, two meeting rooms, a conference room, a resource center, an event space, a kitchen, a lounge, a separate rest area, a bike rack, and a locker area.

The annex is located directly behind the school and is approximately 17,000 square feet. The space includes 12 peer learning rooms, seven meeting rooms, a large kitchen, six phone booths, additional lounge spaces, an open student workspace that seats 118 people, and a patio with sweeping views of Downtown Tulsa.

Our History

Our campus opened in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation in 2020 as a part of the Holberton School network. Our focus has always been on serving the needs of the Tulsa technological industry, and we determined the best way to serve our community was forging our path as an independent institution. In January of 2024, after graduating over 100 students, we became Atlas School—a place for every day Tulsans to find their path to a career in tech.

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The Atlas Community

We are deeply committed to ensuring the success of our Tulsa community. That’s why we work with local organizations to create strong pathways into the technology industry for people, regardless of where they’re coming from.

Our investment ranges from sponsoring local events to partnering with organizations to encourage accessible and inclusive STEM education for children and adults alike.

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Atlas School Forges a Path for Tulsa

The technology industry is an enormous source of employment opportunities for skilled individuals, especially as the specialization of fields within computer science continues to grow. This provides opportunities in established and developing fields as technology continues to transform the way we communicate, interpret data, and conduct business.

Atlas School is helping build the next generation of tech workers to fill this expanding industry and support the growth of Tulsa’s workforce.

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