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The blended learning format is a combination of online lectures and learning activities that go hand-in-hand with on-campus, hands-on labs and/or off-campus learning experiences. During the online learning portion, a majority of the instruction is asynchronous, meaning a student can complete the assigned work on their own schedule (within a certain time frame). Assignments and homework are available to students via the school's online learning management system (LMS) and provides 24-hour/7-days per week accessibility to learning materials found within the coursework.

Atlas School's programs are offered in a blended format. This means there are some unique things that prospective students should know.  A majority of the online portion is asynchronous, assignments can be completed in your own time, within certain boundaries. There are still due dates, scheduled tests, and other time-sensitive projects, but one of the plus sides of learning this way is that you can mostly do those assignments in a time that best fits with your schedule. On-campus learning is scheduled at the beginning of each course and remains a constant so that you are able to schedule these accordingly.

As with any learning, there is still an expectation of how much time you should be spending on your assignments and on-campus learning. Although each program is unique, the general time set aside for academic activities within your program should average between 15-24 hours per week. Note that that time frame includes both the on-campus labs as well as the online asynchronous portion. Students are also able to choose either days or evenings for their on-campus labs.

Jumping into earning a higher-education diploma is a big step, and Atlas School is here to answer questions individuals may have about the school and its programs. To see a full list of the programs we offer, check out our programs page. Or, if you’re ready to get started, schedule a time to visit Atlas School today!

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