April 27, 2022

What is Demo Day?

What is Demo Day?

Demo Day is an opportunity for our graduating students to share their capstone projects with peers, family, employers, and the greater Holberton Tulsa community. Students spend several weeks of their last trimester developing ideas into interactive programs that delve into whatever subject they feel passionate about following. These capstone products showcase not only their skill as software developers, the bulk of what they’ve learned in their time at Holberton, but also their individual creativity.

Students can choose to partner in groups or pursue a project individually. This allows the opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration and increased specialization for the scope of the final product. Students are also responsible for brainstorming what will inevitably become their project, creating the timeline for development, and managing which features are necessary for their MVP (minimum viable product) and what can be a stretch goal, in addition to the actual software development.

These “soft” skills of time and project management culminating in the final presentation at Demo Day are a core part of our curriculum, and why we pride ourselves on preparing students not only to write code, but to navigate the professional world beyond graduation.

Demo Day itself will begin with each group giving a formal presentation on their project—the process of development and the final outcome—followed by an exhibition hour where attendees can meet with each group and test out the projects for themselves! If you’re still curious about what types of projects our students have been working on, let’s give you a sneak peek.

Rage Chess

Rage Chess is a Virtual Reality game that allows users to play chess and express their emotions through interactions with a virtual environment.

Created by Ayden Townsley, Peyton Smith, Kyle Whitten, and Valerie Nierenberg

Clean Geometry

Clean Geometry is a 2-Dimensional top-down shooter game with simple but fun mechanics.

Created by Dylan Carey


ioT-Town is providing miles of wireless network coverage for sensors and devices around Tulsa and being rewarded with crypto! We are connecting our own IoT devices, collecting data and publishing it as an open source dataset.

Oklahoma Rare

Oklahoma Rare is application for people with rare and complex conditions to manage and track important tasks.

Created by Ashley Price and Jasmine Choi


Dragonfly is a GitHub app that provides automated bug analysis and metrics to improve code stability.

Created by Corbin Vandeventer, Finn Aspenson, and Maddi Laizure


BloomTown is part social application and part garden task planner. Mostly though, it’s a solution to an already existing problem with managing gardens intended for community use.

Memory Lane

Need a better way to memorize a speech? Take a walk down memory lane! In this VR experience created for the Oculus Quest, you can access sections of your speech as you walk down a virtual trail. In doing so, you’ll create visual cues to empower you to recall your speech when you take off your headset.

Created by Aleia DeVore, Carlos Esquivel, Selidex Parnell

Demo Day takes place on April 29th from 10am – 12:30pm at the Holberton Tulsa campus. We hope to see you there!

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