April 2, 2024

What Defines A Successful Applicant?

What Defines A Successful Applicant?

Your path to Atlas School starts with a strong application. Beyond test scores or transcripts, we believe those with the right drive and motivation can find a path to success within our program.

We sat down and asked two of our Admissions Advisors, Alesa Weiss and Sofia Salazar, to give their expert insights on the key traits that help them identify applicants with potential to grow into star students.

What are some common misconceptions applicants have about the admissions process at Atlas School? 

Alesa: Most of our applicants are really nervous to start the application process because they have little to no technical experience, and that’s okay! While you may think you need a lot of technical background to get accepted, most of our students have minimal technical knowledge when they get started.

Our program is designed for students who are new to software engineering. Our application process reflects this, and focuses on your interest and motivation instead of your current technical skills and knowledge.

What are some hidden gems you look for in an application that tell you a student will excel in Atlas School's fast-paced, project-based learning style? 

Sofia: We look for self-starters. Those who aren’t easily frustrated with new tasks or afraid of a challenge. We want applicants that are willing to dig deeper into new ideas, and show that they do more than what’s expected in all areas of their life. 

If you’re curious and eager to get out of the comfort zone you will be right at home with Atlas.

Collaboration is a big part of our learning style. How do you identify students who demonstrate strong teamwork and communication skills within the application process?

Alesa: A strong willingness to be an involved member of the Atlas community and to connect with staff or your fellow classmates is always a positive. Students always standout when they are prompt in communicating with our Admissions team, and express enthusiasm about being on-campus before classes start. Whether it be through Lumi Lunches for admitted students or other events, it’s never too early to start becoming a part of the Atlas family!

Atlas School embraces students from diverse backgrounds.  What advice would you give to applicants who may not have a traditional academic background but possess the hunger to learn and the drive to succeed? 

Sofia: At Atlas, we are committed to exposing students to the numerous paths they can take within our program. We believe your potential is not based on your past, but on who you can become.

Our most successful students don't necessarily have the most experience, but they are highly motivated to succeed, have clear life or career goals in mind, and aren’t afraid to seek out support when needed. Don’t be afraid to be the person who asks a question or for extra support, and be willing to put in the work inside and outside the classroom.

As you review applications, what excites you most about the qualities you see in potential Atlas School students?

Alesa: I’m always excited to chat with applicants about their ‘why’. Why are you looking to switch careers? Why is now the right time to start this new journey? Why are you excited to have a career in technology?

Our students have a world of potential at their fingertips, but they have to complete our 20-month program to start achieving those career goals. We often see our students encounter the rigor of life while working towards milestones, and that’s when the motivation behind that ‘why’ is most important.

What is your ‘why’? And why does it matter to you? The answer is so different and unique to each student, and helps drive them to success throughout their Atlas journey.

What advice would you give to students who might feel their background isn't traditional, but they believe they'd be a great fit at Atlas School?

Sofia: Students who’ve had negative experiences in a standard education setting are oftentimes successful within our program. Traditional schools are typically based on learning through discussions, lectures, and written assignments.

Our ‘Learn by Doing’ style is a non-traditional approach for those who process information differently and seek a unique style of learning that suits them. Your background doesn’t determine your potential for success. Your desire to succeed is far more important.

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