November 17, 2023

Student Spotlight — Travis Adamson

Student Spotlight — Travis Adamson

Student Spotlights allow us to recognize those whose contributions make Holberton Tulsa a welcoming, uplifting community. Students can nominate their fellow peers for going above and beyond in their coursework and support of their fellow classmates. This student upholds Holberton’s values and helps foster an environment conducive to learning and personal/professional growth.

Travis shares his experience learning Computer Science and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Why did you choose to learn programming/coding?

Travis: For me I took to code very early! I started back in 1983 or so, and have had a passion for it ever since. I have tried to get into it professionally several times, even to the point of getting an Associates Degree in Computer Science, and a Bachelors Degree in Business Information Technology.

Tell us about your program and why you’re excited!

Travis: My current plan is to go into the AR/VR program, primarily because of my passion for gaming. Ultimately I would love to develop gaming software for the mobile platform as well as console and PC platforms. I’m excited for the opportunity to mix something I love to do for fun, with something I enjoy to do for work!

What is your favorite thing about being a Holberton Student?

Travis: The ability to challenge myself in the projects, knowing that this work will lead directly to a great job!

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