November 3, 2023

Student Spotlight — Sarah Markland

Student Spotlight — Sarah Markland

Student Spotlights allow us to recognize those whose contributions make Atlas School a welcoming, uplifting community. Students can nominate their fellow peers for going above and beyond in their coursework and support of their fellow classmates. This student upholds Atlas' values and helps foster an environment conducive to learning and personal/professional growth.

See what gets Sarah excited about coding!

Why did you choose to learn programming/coding?

Sarah: I chose coding because I wanted to learn a new skill and start a new career. I wanted the freedom that comes with being able to work remotely, and to gain skills that will earn me a comfortable income. I’ve always been interested in the tech industry. I love that there is always something new to learn.

Tell us about your program and why you’re excited!

Sarah: Full Stack is the specialty program I chose, and I just started my first trimester in specs. We are learning about front end web development. I’m excited for the variety of languages and programs we will be exposed to and look forward to working on side projects with my peers.

What is your favorite thing about being a Holberton Student?

Sarah: My favorite thing about being a Holberton student is being part of the community. We have a brilliant and diverse student and staff population. I think we collectively prioritize holding space for every individual on campus. Everyone is invited to bring their personal and professional strengths to any project or event. I have already learned so much about coding and myself through the people I've been lucky to get to know on campus.

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