June 11, 2024

Student Spotlight — Rob Farley

Student Spotlight — Rob Farley

Student Spotlights allow us to recognize students whose contributions make Atlas School a welcoming, uplifting community. Students can nominate their peers for going above and beyond in their coursework and support of their fellow classmates. Rob Farley has made the most of new opportunities at Atlas, and is ready to start his next chapter with a career in tech.

Rob shares his experience learning Computer Science and Full-Stack Web Development.

Why did you choose to learn coding?:

Starting to learn to code was a move I wanted to make to start a new career. I come from a mostly military background, where I always enjoyed technology. After attempting some small coding tutorials, I made the decision to take on the challenge of becoming a software engineer. Being able to develop various applications and tackle unique problems is very interesting and rewarding.

Tell us about your program and why you're excited.:

I am currently enrolled in the Computer Science and Full-Stack Web Development program. We start by learning the front end, which is what the client sees and uses. Then we dive into my favorite part, the backend, where we focus on server-side logic, databases, and building application programming interfaces. Lastly, we bring it all together in the final trimester, and the feeling of seeing certain features completed is awesome!

What is your favorite thing about being an Atlas School student?:

One of my favorite things about being a student again is seeing the curriculum that guides us on a great learning path. During our 20-month program, learning so many technologies and being able to work on side projects with what I’ve learned is incredibly rewarding.

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