March 27, 2024

Student Spotlight — Crystal Tipton-Carrillo

Student Spotlight — Crystal Tipton-Carrillo

Student Spotlights allow us to recognize students whose contributions make Atlas School a welcoming, uplifting community. Students can nominate their peers for going above and beyond in their coursework and support of their fellow classmates.Crystal Tipton-Carrillo embodies the power of growth and personal evolution that is possible for Atlas School students.

Crystal shares their experience learning Computer Science and Full-Stack Web Development.

Why did you choose to learn coding?

Crystal: Software development and computer science have always intrigued me. My work experience, primarily in healthcare, has allowed me to witness technology's increasing influence in everyday life over the years. I wanted to learn how to turn possibilities into realities by finding solutions to problems. I love helping others, diving into documentation, and testing things. I thrive on the process of figuring things out and seeing how they can be useful. The ability to turn ideas into reality through technology is incredibly empowering, and I wanted to be a part of that transformative process.

Tell us about your program and why you’re excited!

Crystal: I am in Cohort 20 of the Computer Science and Full Stack Web Development program at Atlas School, and it has been an incredible journey of learning and growth. Through relentless dedication to the program curriculum, I have eagerly tackled challenges and sought solutions through research and collaboration. Every mistake is an opportunity for learning, and every setback is a chance to refine my skills and emerge stronger. Every success is an incredible step forward. I am excited to graduate in August and continue to learn and grow in the tech industry with a continued growth mindset, confidence, and a solid foundation.

What is your favorite thing about being an Atlas School student?

Crystal: My favorite thing about being an Atlas School student is the sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the community. Whether it's working on projects together, seeking advice from peers and mentors, or participating in workshops and events, there's always a supportive network of peers and instructors who encourage each other's success. This collaborative spirit not only enhances the learning experience but also fosters a sense of belonging and shared growth.

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