April 18, 2024

Innovation on Display: Demo Day Recap

Innovation on Display: Demo Day Recap

Last week, our spring graduating class reached the culmination of their Atlas School experience during demo day. Students present their comprehensive capstone projects, and demonstrate their innovative ideas to an audience of classmates, community members, and prospective employers.

From partnerships with local organizations to creative ideas using emerging technologies, students apply the skills they’ve learned throughout our program to create their projects. We’re so proud of their accomplishments, and can’t wait to see their continued growth as they transition from students to software engineering professionals. Join us as we dive deeper into each project and the mastery displayed by our students!

Tulsa Air and Space Museum Self-Guided Tour

Our friends at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium coordinated with our first group of students to develop an interactive and informative self-guided tour, taking you through various museum exhibits.

Through close collaboration with TASM, students determined their primary goal was to create a unique virtual experience for museum visitors that could be easily updated and analyzed by museum staff.

Their tech stack, the collection of software tools used to complete their project, allowed them to rapidly develop a complete user experience. This tech stack combined the tools and skills learned in their time as students with new technologies and strategies they taught themselves in order to complete the project as envisioned.

We’re excited to see these new additions in action, and you can try it out for yourself during your next trip to the museum!

Watch their presentation: https://www.youtube.com/live/KtAPgDT4cAc?feature=shared&t=625

Project Link: https://tasm-tour.web.app/?exhibitID=atlas

Team Members:

Heather Hayes - Project Lead and Full Stack Developer

Taylor Woodson - Content Lead and Full Stack Developer

Foster Clark - Front End Architect

Philip Taylor - XR Experience Specialist

Lindsey Lancaster - Full Stack Developer

Insider Info

Our students harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to develop Insider Info, a third-party tool providing real-time insights and predictions on the performance of the stock market. Their product is designed to be used alongside any preferred investing platform, and is ideally suited for day traders looking to enhance their decision making with contextually relevant information.

Insider Info features a website and AI-powered chatbot, both of which focus on identifying, predicting, and explaining stock market trends. The website analyzes the market using a machine learning model, and compares the model’s predictions with up-to-the-minute data on stock performance. The chatbot answers questions on anything related to the stock market. It also supplies sources and data that provide needed context in an ever changing industry.

Even though the website was a key component of this project, this group entered this project with minimal web development experience. Using their strong research and problem solving skills, they were able to learn on the fly and create a well-designed and highly functioning website. 

This was an impressive display of our students intersecting emerging technologies with real-world applications. Amazing work!

Watch their presentation: https://www.youtube.com/live/KtAPgDT4cAc?feature=shared&t=1224

Project Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ5vHDeArxc&t=3s

Team Members:

Michael Blevins - Project Manager and Back End Developer

Ricardo Corona - Front End Developer, Branding Lead, and Machine Learning Specialist

Colan Worstell - Back End Developer and Machine Learning Specialist

Your HR Chatbot

Our next group partnered with Krystal Speed, CEO of Your HR Strategist, to create an AI chatbot designed to provide streamlined information to employees with various human resources-related inquiries.

Students found that on average the HR representative spends an average of 10-15 hours a week answering basic questions that could oftentimes be found with light research. Their chatbot seeks to lessen this workload by providing instant, reliable answers to HR questions based on the needs and regulations of each company.

The main challenge they faced was making sure the chatbot was not only functional, but also only responded to HR-related questions. Despite only having a few weeks to complete this project, they were able to coordinate with each other and Your HR Strategist to deliver an outstanding product with room to grow. The team also mapped out what future features may look like, such as the development of more responsive design and login authentication for users.

We’re proud of this collaboration and look forward to seeing the product flourish as it’s implemented in real-world settings!

Watch their presentation: https://www.youtube.com/live/KtAPgDT4cAc?feature=shared&t=1570

Project Link: https://hr-chatbot-1.onrender.com/

Team Members:

Manuel Zambrano - Front End Developer

Darah Thomas - Back End Developer

Paul Stewart - Project Manager and Back End Developer

Nikki Alderman - UI/UX Specialist and Front End Developer

Eli Greene - UI/UX Specialist and Documentation Lead

User Group Check-in and Incentivized Data Collection Tool

Our students partnered with Techlahoma, a non-profit dedicated to providing community and resources to technologists across Oklahoma. They host events and training that are an integral part of the growing Tulsa technology community.

As an emerging organization, there is an increasing need for them to quantify their impact, and collect key data on the communities that they serve. This group was tasked with creating a web application to track engagement at Techlahoma events, and incentivizing their constituents to use this platform.

This application is designed to be accessed by event attendees with a QR code or simple URL. Participants are then prompted to provide information which will link to Techlahoma’s customer relationship management system, the database that contains key client information. Once logged in, participants will receive points that can go towards various perks, such as discounted or free tickets for future events.

This project represents a true full circle moment, as our students are now able to give back to an organization that supports their journey through our program. Don’t forget to check into your next Techlahoma event!

Watch their presentation: https://www.youtube.com/live/KtAPgDT4cAc?feature=shared&t=2060

Project Link: https://github.com/douglahoma/techlahoma-private

Team Members: 

Douglas Davison - Project Manager and Back End Developer

Blake Willis - UI/UX Specialist and Front End Developer

Nacho Velez - Data Visualization Specialist 

Jon Boller - Software Architect Specialist

Buddy Bot

Buddy Bot represents a unique intersection between cutting-edge software and hardware. This group set out to create a survey robot that collects and processes data about a physical environment (temperature, humidity, hazardous gas, etc.) to determine if it is safe for the user.

This group took on the challenge of assembling their robot head-on, identifying and sourcing components to assemble a robot with enough time to program and test before the deadline. While software can be downloaded, hardware requires a bit more effort to secure in a timely manner.

Once they had their hardware in place, it took further troubleshooting and collaborative work to fully integrate it with their software. This testing and debugging process was strenuous, but one they were prepared for through their work up to this point. 

Creative projects like this show our students’ out of the box thinking. We love seeing our students push themselves to build new things!

Watch their presentation: https://www.youtube.com/live/KtAPgDT4cAc?feature=shared

Project Link: https://github.com/Taypo87/Buddy_Bot

Team Members: 

Taylor Poczynek - Project Manager, Embedded Systems Engineer, and Electrical Engineer

Oladele Miro - Embedded Systems Engineer and Back End Developer

Vishal Gobin - Machine Learning Engineer

Gavin Tobin - Machine Learning Engineer


Our final group set out to create an interactive video game called SkillVille. This application is designed for children 4-10 years old, and is focused on fostering a love for learning at a young age, while incorporating real-world topics and settings children are likely to encounter, such as playing at the park or having a conversation at the doctor’s office.

Our students encountered many of the problems that professional game developers face in creating projects. While their knowledge of the relevant technologies was strong, several students chose to dive into new topics in order to provide additional support and to meet their deadlines.

Another issue they encountered was realistic scoping of their project. It’s easy to have ambitious goals, but it takes more to actually implement them. Finding the balance between ambition and viability within the project timeline was a challenge they successfully overcame to create a great final product: an immersive video game experience.This game is a testament to how our students can refine ideas into a project they can be proud of adding to their professional portfolio. We’re looking forward to SkillVille’s continued development and success!

Watch their presentation: https://www.youtube.com/live/KtAPgDT4cAc?feature=shared

Project Link: https://skillville.me/

Team Members:

Julia Bullard - Project Manager

Lindsey Thomas - Web Development Specialist

Teylor Chapman-Bilbee - Game Development Specialist

Johanna Avila - Machine Learning Specialist

Mason Counts - Research Specialist

Witness the Future At Atlas

We are so proud and excited about the accomplishments of our students. Each graduating class reminds us of the amazing potential that can be reached at Atlas School!

Want to connect with a soon-to-be Atlas graduate? Or want your company to be involved in our next Demo Day? Visit our career services website or contact our team at careerservices@atlasschool.com with any questions.

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