March 26, 2024

Fireside Chat Recap: Medefy Health

Fireside Chat Recap: Medefy Health

Throughout the year, our career services department invites recruiters, technical teams, and C-Suite executives from technology and tech-adjacent companies for Fireside Chats. These events are an opportunity for our students to hear industry insights directly from local employers, and learn more about potential career paths as software developers.

We recently welcomed Medefy, a Tulsa-based health tech company. Students connected with Jason Whitehorn, Chief Technology Officer, Cameron Oliver, Project Management Office Manager, and Drew Harris, Senior Software Engineering Manager. They explained how their platform fits into the future of healthcare, and answered questions from students about what it’s like working in health technology.

Medefy: Revolutionizing Healthcare Benefits with Software

Medefy is a health benefits technology company, and one of the fastest growing tech companies in the state. Medefy’s platform is used nationwide as a single, easy-to-access source designed to help people maximize their employers’ benefits. Trying to sort through available benefits to obtain affordable high-value care can be a stressful endeavor, and leaves some feeling more taken advantage of than truly supported. Medefy seeks to simplify this process, and provide more positive experiences for employees.

How Can Atlas Students Stand Out When Applying to Work for Medefy?

Technical skills are always important, but there are several other essential skills the Medefy team highlighted as necessary for success in entry-level software roles. 

Applicants who display curiosity and a self-starter attitude are often standouts. Additionally, how an applicant handles adversity is a meaningful indicator of success. It’s impossible to completely avoid difficult circumstances, but managing and evolving from those situations displays a strong drive to succeed. While many default to sharing their professional experiences in interviews, applicants can also share how they’ve overcome adversity in their personal life. This indicates that they are prepared to tackle problems on their own, and share more about who they are with an employer.

While it may take time to develop, having confidence is also essential to reaching your full potential. Entry-level employees oftentimes bring in perspective and thought processes that differ from established employees. Having the courage to challenge your team with these ideas is not only beneficial to your career, but to the progression of your organization.

Asked & Answered: Students Ask For Themselves

Students got to finish off the conversation by asking a series of questions to Medefy’s team.

Does a medical background provide additional leverage when applying to Medefy?

While it’s certainly helpful, having prior medical or healthcare background isn’t needed to be successful at Medefy. By nature of the position, everyone is eventually brought up to speed on the aspects of the industry that intersect with Medefy’s mission.

How can an interviewee ask questions and receive information in a way that demonstrates strong interest?

If you’re worried about how your questions come across, or if you’re asking too much, you can practice active listening to establish mutual understanding. Active listening is a key component of successful interviews, and requires you to go beyond simply receiving a response to your question. Some tips include asking follow-up questions, re-stating the information you’ve heard, or waiting to respond until someone has fully finished speaking. Experiment with what works best for you, and confidently bring those strategies to your next interview!

How many programs do your employees typically use?

As a steadily growing organization, versatility is key. Our students touch on over a dozen programming languages during their time at Atlas School, and many of those are used by Medefy on a daily basis. Instead of focusing on a specific number of programs, emphasize your ability to pivot and pick-up new topics quickly. Technology is constantly evolving, and being able to match that evolution is paramount to sustained professional success.

Your Education Is Just the Start: Career Services at Atlas

An education at Atlas School is about more than technical skills. It’s about helping our students thrive in professional workspaces, and equipping them with skills to continue growing once they graduate.

Are you an employer interested in connecting with Atlas School graduates? Learn more about our career services department on their new website, or contact to get in touch with our team!

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