April 8, 2022

Creator Hackathon

Creator Hackathon

A combination of the words Hack and Marathon, typically a Hackathon is a competitive event centered around computer coding and software development. Hackathons usually consist of small teams racing against each other and the clock to solve problems through software design and implementation, literally hack into a secure server, create an application, video game, or any sort of coding challenge one could feasibly devise.

A key part of the challenge is the time constraints, generally 24-72 hours, that encourage rapid prototyping and out-of-the-box thinking as well as ensure participants can devote their energy throughout the tenure of the event, rather than losing steam over a longer project timeline.

Hackathons are an excellent way to build community, generate portfolio projects, and test the limits of ones creativity, but limiting it to solving software engineering problems leaves too many people sitting on the sidelines. So that’s why Tulsa’s coding school is partnering with CLLCTVE, a digital portfolio platform, to make a different kind of Hackathon.

In our endeavor to help cultivate the tech industry of the future, we want to create an environment that is collaborative with more Tulsans. With creators, with influencers, writers, artists, and makers: the problems of the future cannot be solved with technology alone, they’re solved by the people behind it. And rarely are there simple solutions. This is why the Creator Hackathon is open to anyone, regardless of discipline, to offer their skills and perspectives to the competition.

Not only are we interested in creating these interpersonal connections, but we recognize the necessity for opportunities for professional growth, and a key part of the Creator Hackathon is facilitating networking with employers through the event itself and the utilization of CLLCTVE’s portfolio-building platform. This gives participants an incubator to create projects that will remain 100% their own intellectual property for their own portfolio, while also creating connections and building avenues for future work in their desired field.

The challenges this Hackathon presents for participants are also entirely centered around the creator economy, finding better solutions for freelance workers and employers to connect and bring ideas to reality. Our goal is that the solutions created here mark the start of critical engagement with the gig economy, and encourages employers, creators, and citizens alike to think proactively about how to build a more equitable future for workers in Tulsa.

To help facilitate a nuanced conversation around these topics, the event will begin with a panel of local leaders, creators, and collaborators speaking about their experiences and their visions for the future of work, followed by the networking social and the event kick-off.

The event will conclude with quick presentations from each team about their projects, judging, and an after party/awards ceremony.

If you’re the sort of person who is interested in shaping the future of Tulsa and collaborating with other creators, get more information and register for the hackathon here.

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