May 21, 2024

Atlas Employer Spotlight: Miratech

Atlas Employer Spotlight: Miratech

At Atlas School, we are committed to providing our students opportunities to connect with employers as they progress through their learning journey. Events like our Fireside Chats enable students to engage with recruiters, technical experts, and C-suite executives from local companies.

Our Employer Spotlight shines a light on the organizations that connect with our program, exploring their innovative work, unique industry contributions, and the insights they share with our students. 

This month, we spotlight Miratech, a locally headquartered environmental company that is utilizing the power of technology to improve the environment with engineered solutions.

What is Miratech?

Miratech Corporation is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based organization founded in 1992 following the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990. Their service expertise and core mission are focused on providing engineered solutions that reduce air and noise pollution. These solutions serve a wide range of industries including maritime, power generation, energy infrastructure, and industrial.

They offer a range of systems and services for global users of stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. Many of their products are produced right here in Tulsa at Miratech’s 400,000 sq. foot facility, specializing in their catalyst housing and SCRs.

Environmental Sustainability Meets Software Engineering - Fireside Chat Recap

Last week, we invited several members of Miratech’s team to speak with our students about how their evolving technology skill sets can help Miratech achieve their organizational goals. 

Ashley Daigle, Talent Acquisition & HR Coordinator, and Aaron Harrell, Director of Digital Solutions, both highlighted automation technologies as key to enhancing productivity across all levels of their organization. Even non-technical roles are able to benefit from simple uses of AI chatbots such as ChatGPT or Gemini. 

Software Engineering Team Lead, and Atlas Graduate Lance Burklin, spoke firsthand about how the core concepts of web development which he learned as a student are central to his current role. His comfort with a range of different languages has proven useful, but even more so has been his ability to problem solve. Miratech values high performers who know how to approach technical problems they don’t have prior experience with, and Lance has excelled in this area.

The entire team echoed that beyond the technical skills, interpersonal skills are key. The tech industry offers opportunities for introverts and extroverts. While nobody expects you to be the perfect candidate, being honest and transparent about your level of experience is crucial. It’s important to find the balance between confidence in your ability and willingness to take on new concepts.

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