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You don't need a 4-year degree to become a Software Developer

Atlas School offers 20-month professional programs in the following disciplines:

Full-Stack Development

Machine Learning

Systems Programming

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Tulsa Invests in Tech

Join Tulsa's Exploding Tech Community!

Atlas School is the educational cornerstone of Tulsa's vibrant emerging technology sector. Tulsa’s leaders have committed to diversify the city’s economy and grow its tech jobs infrastructure. You can join this dynamic tech community.

Located in the Downtown Tulsa Arts District, Atlas School will prepare you to be an entry-level software developer and start your future in tech!

Why Atlas Students Succeed

atlas school students

A New Kind of Education

At Atlas School, our programs are project-centered and peer-based, mirroring the experience of a real-world work environment. We assign our students increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve, providing only minimal initial direction on how to accomplish the assigned tasks or projects. As a result, students intuitively seek out the theory and tools they need, which they then process and analyze to select an approach to help them tackle the tasks at hand.

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Accessible Education

We don’t think tuition should be a barrier to a quality education. We create individualized payment plans that meet each student’s unique needs. When Atlas School students succeed, everyone succeeds.

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Career Services

Our Career Services Department assists graduates in obtaining employment in the fields for which they are trained. This continuous placement service is available to all Atlas School graduates at no additional charge. Professional assistance is available on interview skills, resume writing and other job search techniques. Atlas School assists graduates in networking with employers in their field and brings graduates and prospective employers together under favorable circumstances.

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Network of Peers

We don't have formal classrooms or teachers — instead, you collaborate, share your knowledge, and help each other. Peer education is proven to foster a very constructive learning culture, as you are immersed in an environment where everyone is driven to help each other. We call it Peer Learning, and we expect the contacts you make to last through your career.

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