Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms, and Blockchain Program Tulsa

Explore how to interact with computers at a basic systems level through understanding Linux, mastering the algorithms used to manage large data sets, and learning the foundation of data structures like blockchain.

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What is Linux Programming?

Linux is an open-source software platform that’s often used to manage server and computer interactions. Because Linux is open source, it’s used as the basis of many other operating systems, like Debian, Arch, RedHat and their derivatives.

What are Advanced Algorithms?

Effectively accessing, sorting, and storing data is a fundamental aspect of computer science as a whole and what makes computers operate more efficiently than humans. Understanding how algorithms work provides the groundwork for efficient and effective programming. While algorithms are present at every level of computer programming, advanced algorithms coursework focuses on in-depth optimization of managing data structures as they relate to computer functions.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a data structure that allows information to be stored and accessed independently of one single network, preventing any edits to information after it has been added. It has surged in popularity in recent years due to its secure, versatile, and decentralized structure.

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Computer Science, Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms & Blockchain
20 Months
Computer Science, Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms & Blockchain

Computer Science, Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms, and Blockchain

Credential Earned: Diploma

Certification/Licensure: Not applicable. There is no licensure or certification requirement to work in this field.

Delivery Method: DE-Blended

In this program students will approach problems and situations using the C programming language and the Linux kernel interface. Throughout this program, students will expand their knowledge and application of the C programming language and dig into operating systems. Students will also work with data structures and algorithms, while uncover the mechanisms behind the blockchain technology.

Through this program, students will demonstrate knowledge and application of C, the Linux kernel interface, advanced trees, graphs, pathfinding, cryptography, block mining, blockchain, and more.

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Apr 29, 2024

Applications of Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms, and Blockchain

Linux Programming, Advanced Algorithms, and Blockchain are all used to interact with computers at a basic systems level or “low level." The ability to effectively work with Linux and the C programming language allows programmers to bridge the gap between the software that runs on a device and the physical hardware that powers it.

“Low Level” Programming

Writing code that allows computer software to interact with hardware.

Server and Computer Interactions

Creating programs that allow computers to communicate with other computers, computers with other servers, and servers with other servers.

Data Management

Understanding established algorithms and processes that allow efficient editing, storage, and manipulation of data sets.


Using data structures like blockchain to maintain safe, secure, and externally verifiable data storage and interactions.

Career Opportunities

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Atlas School does not guarantee employment. Graduates in this program can reasonably expect to find job opportunities as a:

Software Engineer II

Database Administrator

Software Engineer I

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Technical Writing

Technical writing is an invaluable skill and an excellent way to articulate and share knowledge.


Collaboration is key to a successful business. Students learn project management, interpersonal communication, and team collaboration skills.

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Whiteboarding is an essential skill in the tech industry, both for effective planning and for excelling in tech interviews.

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