Code of Conduct

Student Conduct

Students are expected to behave professionally and respectfully at all times. Students are subjectto dismissal for any inappropriate or unethical conduct or for any act of academic dishonesty.Students are expected to dress and act accordingly while attending this institution. At the discretion of the school administration a student may be dismissed from school for reasons including, but not limited to:

● Possessing, selling, using or reporting to the institution with alcohol, controlled substances or illegal drugs present in the student’s system, on institution property.
● Possessing, entering with or using weapons in the institution.
● Behavior creating a safety hazard to other person(s).
● Using vulgar, profane, or obscene language, including any communicationor action that violates our policy againstharassment and other unlawful forms ofdiscrimination.
● Disobedient or disrespectful behavior toother students, an administrator, or staff.
● Misusing, destroying, or stealing facility property or another person’s property.
● Disorderly conduct, fighting or other actsof violence.
● Disclosing or using confidential orproprietary information withoutauthorization.
● Violating the Institution’s computer or software use policies.
● Being convicted of a crime that indicates a threat to the Institution or its students &/or administrator in any way.
● Violating the online conduct or computer use policy.

Any student found to have engaged in such conduct will be asked to leave the premisesimmediately. Disciplinary action will be determined by the Executive Director of thisinstitution and such determination will be made within 10 days after meeting with the student inquestion.A student who is terminated from the school is subject to the school refund policy.

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