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We know employers are looking to hire people they can trust, whether it’s working directly with an outward client or leading an internal team. At Atlas School, we make sure our training sets students up for success as they enter the workforce and establish their careers.

What Makes Atlas Students Different?

We teach our students how to carry themselves professionally and advocate for themselves in the workplace. They own the process of learning on their time, learning how to find the right resources and ask the right questions. Atlas students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we help them synthesize their experiences with their technical training. We realize there’s value in having a team with diverse life experiences who can bring their own knowledge and insight into the workplace.

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Feb 7, 2024

Connect with Our Students

We provide several avenues to ensure students and employers have the opportunity to engage with one another. Contact us if you’d like to visit our campus through our ongoing events or on a unique basis.

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Career Fairs

Atlas School holds career fairs throughout the year to facilitate connections between our students and employers. This provides space for employers to establish relationships with graduating students and alumni, while also allowing our students to interface with several different companies.

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Fireside Chats

We also host regular fireside chats, where companies can come to our campus, give an overview of their organization and what they do, and talk directly with interested students.

We are grateful to be able to provide these opportunities for students to explore the wide breadth of job opportunities and industries right here in Tulsa and give them time to interact directly with different employers. Fireside chats are scheduled individually; reach out and we’ll put you on our calendar!

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Demo Day

Demo Day is the last big milestone in each student’s journey at Atlas prior to graduation. At Demo Day, our students present their capstone projects in front of friends, family, and the wider Tulsa community. These projects represent the culmination of a student’s time at Atlas and demonstrate their technical coding abilities as well as collaborative project management.

Demo Day is an excellent opportunity for employers to see the full scope of what our students are capable of, and get a chance to meet with students before they officially enter the job market after graduation.

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Student Stories

“Atlas is a place that will welcome you with open arms regardless of your background or circumstance, and fosters the breadth of foundational skills, both technical and interpersonal, that you'll need to be successful as a programmer!”

Colson Scott

Full-Stack Software Engineer

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Colson Scott

“The people are kind and passionate, the culture is driven and creative, and the students are from all different kinds of backgrounds and interests. Atlas School focused on important soft and hard skills that set me apart from typical university students and gave me a significant advantage in the application and hiring processes.”

Isaac Green

Machine Learning Engineer

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Isaac Green
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Use Our Job Board

Interested in hiring an Atlas grad? We’re happy to host your open positions on our internal job board, accessible directly to Atlas students and alumni! Use the form below to get in contact with our career services team.

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