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Navigating the job search can be daunting for anyone, especially if you’re looking for work in a new industry. Our team is committed to ensuring our students are equipped to enter the workforce.

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What You Learn

Though Atlas School does not guarantee job placement upon successful completion of a program, the Career Services department is a vital part of Atlas School's educational offerings.

During your time at Atlas you’ll learn:

  • Interview skills
  • Resume and portfolio development
  • Job search and networking techniques
  • Professional best practices in the workplace.

The Career Services Department assists students by equipping them with a broad range of career planning tools spanning the full scope of the hiring cycle and supporting them throughout the hiring process.

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Who You Meet

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Atlas School assists students in networking with employers in their field and brings students and prospective employers together under favorable circumstances. This includes:

  • In-house professional workshops
  • Fireside chats where employers visit campus to speak with students
  • Opportunities available through local affinity groups
  • Professional networking events with external organizations
  • Career fairs open to current students and alumni

Our Career Services professional staff also works one-on-one with students to assist them through the job search process during their time at Atlas and after graduation. Continuous placement service is available to all Atlas graduates at no additional charge.

Hear from our alumni

“Atlas is a place that will welcome you with open arms regardless of your background or circumstance, and fosters the breadth of foundational skills, both technical and interpersonal, that you'll need to be successful as a programmer!”

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Colson Scott

“The people are kind and passionate, the culture is driven and creative, and the students are from all different kinds of backgrounds and interests. Atlas School focused on important soft and hard skills that set me apart from typical university students and gave me a significant advantage in the application and hiring processes.”

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Isaac Green

Atlas School Resource Center

The Career Services Resource Center provides resources for students and alumni graduates such as:  

  • How-To's – portfolios, resume, cover letters, and thank you letter writing.
  • Internal Job board with direct posting from employers
  • Links to resources such as job boards in each area of study, how to consult, and HR legal resources.
  • Tips to aid students in their job search such as: networking, staying organized during the job search, understanding offers, and negotiating.
  • Tips to aid students in navigating their career such as: starting a new job, performance reviews, and email communication.
  • Information about conducting meetings, how to present a pitch, how to better communicate, etc.

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